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GEOmedia 3 2018 Editorial by Renzo Carlucci

This is the motto of this edition of INTERGEO 2018 and GEOmedia is proud to share this message!

The German Minister of the Interior, Building and Community is bringing an important message about inviting us to focus on the fact that the “spatial reference is its uniting element. As a result, abstract values become maps, digital data become comprehensible facts and complex information provides us with access to the world. Be it broad access, swift processing or comprehensive interconnectedness – digital technology will make it easier for us to achieve all of this. At the same time, questions about the future of geodesy arise. How will the work routines and tasks of geodesy specialists change? How will we find our experts? How can we help them develop their expertise?”

GEOmedia since many years is pushing the Italian geomatics in an international frame and INTERGEO is one of
the focus event to meet international growth on the context of Geospatial 4.0, Smart City, Smart Villages, digital construction, cloud computing and the Geo artificial intelligence.
The Director of the Fair remember to us “The key are always geo issues of digitalisation and the digital revolution. Without digitalisation there can be no smart cities and villages, no BIM and no eGovernment. Our industry is currently undergoing rapid change, as geoinformation is a vital element of the digital revolution. It helps make our environment available digitally in three dimensions and opens up a wealth of applications when combined with specialist data. This
in turn gives rise to a whole range of new and innovative business models. In addition, the importance of artificial intelligence processes, augmented reality and virtual reality is also on the rise. These will have a huge impact on our work processes, transforming our jobs forever”.

GEOmedia and INTERGEO will continuously address these issues in their respective role.