GEOmedia 3 2015 - Analisi dell'evoluzione paesaggistica

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Analisi diacronica dell'evoluzione paesaggistica della Regione Lombardia.

L’articolo presenta un’analisi diacronica dell’evoluzione paesaggistica della Regione Lombardia con strumenti gis per l’analisi quantitativa dell’evoluzione del suolo relativa ad epoche differenti.

This paper aims to highlight the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the transformations occurring in the territory of the region of Lombardy ana- lyzing land cover maps pertaining to different eras. To achieve this objec- tive after building a database of geographical information on the various eras we proceeded to work by comparison with the transition matrices that allow you to highlight the steps quantity among different reporting periods. The analysis and the return of results is carried out at different geographical scales offering a complete anthropization exchanged in the territory. In particular, it highlights the diachronic analysis of land use in favor of urban nature, distinguishing inside the spread and transformation of urban-sprawl.